Saturday, 15 December 2012

form | function

Thinking about the sheer joy that swept across my face when I found this box is a little bit embarrassing... it must be how the experts on The Antique Roadshow feel when someone finally presents them with that tiny door knob or bottle cap they've been seeking for years. 

A perfect example of form following function, this cylindrical box has been specifically crafted to maintain the form of the collars it holds. You simply couldn't take a judge with a wonky collar seriously. The contrast between the two types of crocodile leather is also very effective. 

 In order to preserve the continuity and dignity of justice, and its unchanging status in society, legal attire has changed very little in the past few hundred years. This box in particular holds 'wing collars'. They are used by judges when in court and are taken off and exchanged for another type of collar when they are out of court. Apart from a small shop in Dublin's Four Courts, these collars, along with all other judge attire are only available in a London based shop Ede & Ravenscroft. They also sell collar boxes but none half as loverly as this one. 

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