Friday, 4 January 2013

Piece of peace

Piece of peace is a charity exhibit running at the Parco Museum in Tokyo. It features World Heritage Sites built with Lego blocks. Manufactured since 1949, Lego expanded the product range to include Lego Architecture in 2008. The Sydney Opera House edition ended up under our Christmas tree much to our delight! 

Kazuyoshi Naoe is one of the Lego company’s certified builders. He has supervised the construction of replicas of 40 World Heritage Sites from 27 different countries: the Pyramids, the ruins at Angkor Wat, Mont St. Michel, cultural heritage sites in Kyoto, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, historical Vienna, the Sydney Opera House, Toshogu Shrine in Nikko and many more. Proceeds from sales at the exhibition will go towards UNESCO to help with the preservation of the real sites. 

Also featured in the exhibition is the exquisite creation of Japanese artist Rie Hosokai of Daisy Balloon. She used Lego bricks to create this astounding garment.'s not just for kids.
Happy New Year everyone!

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