Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Picture House


The Light House cinema first opened it's doors in 1988 in an Art Deco building on Middle Abbey Street. It closed in 1996 and ten years later, DTA architects were approached to design a new home for the cinema, backed by government funding. The site chosen was the basement space of an apartment block in Smithfield Square. 

For a building that was designed during the Celtic Tiger, the Light House cinema is impressively economic in its use of space. Visitors circulate, eat, drink, sit in, under and around the negative space created by each of the four screens. Have you ever wondered what happens underneath Screen 1 in the Savoy? The tension between solid and void is emphasised by the architects' choice of materials - black gloss panelling and white rendered walls. Coloured lights in pink, orange, red and yellow, bounce off these surfaces softening the contrast. This lighting scheme, along with an eclectic mix of contemporary plywood and vintage furniture invites cinema-goers to sit in every nook and cranny of the cinema.

Whether intentional or not, the eclectic mix of furniture reflects the wide range of films available for viewing here. Due to high rents, the cinema was forced to close in 2011 and with the help of NAMA and a renegotiated lower rent, it was reopened in early 2012. Part of its continued success since then is in its non-strictly art house selection of films. It now also hosts a wider range of events including book clubs and table quizzes. 

We felt the clean cut spaces and finishes of this cinema would be a perfect backdrop to showcase Irish jewellery designer Lisa McCormack's line, Capulet and Montague. Her pieces are extremely architectural in their execution. Acrylic, perspex and wood are laser cut and are then skilfully hand finished with silver chains, wire mesh and black ribbon. The line includes a variety of torcs, cuffs, earrings and necklaces. We'd love to see what she could do to a pair of sunglasses (hint hint!)

Lisa's design's are soon to be available to purchase on Prowlster - an Irish online lifestyle magazine with a unique buy-it-now button. The website has gone from one success to another since it launched and is updated daily with articles the topics of which range from streetstyle in Cork city to Tayto's new crisp flavoured chocolate! 

A big thank you to the Light House cinema for letting us have the reign of the place, to Lisa for the letting us play dress up and to Prowlster for encouraging our ventures!

Becky wears
grey dungaree jumpsuit - topshop
black long sleeve crop top - topshop
gator hat - courtesy of Tess (go gators)
heels - New Look
gold cuff rings - asos

acrylic torc and wooden torc - Capulet and Montague

Ciana wears - 
new icons leather jacket - h&m
skort - zara
t-shirt - topshop
heeled sandals - zara

acrylic torc, perspex cuff and timber, perspex and acrylic necklace - Capulet and Montague 

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

a view from the road

Completed in 1809, the Military Road was built to open up the Wicklow Mountains to the English Military. There were several military barracks along the road and it was used as a route to move the remnant rebels of the 1798 uprising out of the city.

The road started in Rathfarnham in County Dublin, passed the head of Glencree, with a spur down that valley to Enniskerry, dipped down Laragh, over the hills into Glenmalure, and finishing at Aughavannagh. Sections well known would also include Featherbed Mountain, Lough Bray and Sally Gap. 

We fell in love with this area when designing landscape interventions for a studio project a few years ago. This venerable piece of infrastructure connects the city with the mountains and affords us Dubliners a direct passage to fresh, mountain air.

On this particularly bitter April morning, we had the pleasure of wearing pieces from several contemporary jewellery designers courtesy of the lovely Coldlilies (how apt)! Coldlilies are a website stocking contemporary, design-led jewellery in gold, silver and semi-precious stones handcrafted by Ireland's leading independent jewellery designers. Founded by former college classmates and present-day jewellery lovers Ciara McKenna & Kim Knowles, Coldlilies launched 16 independent Irish designers in 2012. In 2013, they plan to launch more exciting up-and-coming designers from across Europe and the US, as well as exclusive limited edition collections. 

Ciana wore:
'wrap your laurels around me' ring,'love,life and laughter' bracelet by Chupi Sweetman-Pell
veiled earrings,unicorn bracelet and unicorn necklace(worn as headpiece)by Daniella Cardillo
'colour my summer' bracelet and 'whispering rose' bracelet in gold  by Loulou Grenelle
patent white skirt by asos
pink body, coat and beanie by topshop
boots by zara

Becky wore:
'oh la la collar' by Melissa Curry
leather leggings by Topshop
boxy sweater by Zara
turquoise heels by Zara

later Ciana wore:
leather neckpiece by Úna Burke

later Becky wore:
chevron ring by Muireann Walshe 
isosceles bangles and rings by Niamh Spain 

All jewellery available from www.coldlilies.com