Wednesday, 12 June 2013

House of O'Casey

As soon as we were introduced to young Irish designer Colin Horgan's first collection, we knew exactly where we were going to bring it. 

The Sean O'Casey community centre by O'Donnell Tuomey is situated in East Wall and provides a central communal hub for the surrounding area. Facilities such as a creche, day care centre, sports hall, and theatre called for a large ground floor area. The residents were keen to introduce a tall building to their streets and so the iconic (may we say emmental-like) tower was conceived. 

Almost square in plan, the ground level is divided into quadrants and houses a creche, a senior citizen day care centre, a small gym, multipurpose sports hall, large reception space and a 156 seat theatre. Four planted courtyards puncture this area providing visual connections between the various social activities in the centre. A five storey tower folds up out the plan and houses meeting rooms and offices. The 'Sean O'Casey Boardroom' on the top level has views over the city to rival that of any penthouse suite in Dublin. When can we move in?!

The architects' choice of a materials offers visitors a true visual feast. The tower with its corrugated concrete surface gives the illusional of stacked shipping containers. Along with the porthole like windows which dot its facade, we are given a subtle nod to Dublin's docklands which are located nearby. Each level accommodates one main room, each of which is given its own identity by differing the colour of the floor. O'Donnell Tuomey's signature rusty-red covers railings along the street edge and the steel beams which surround the courtyards. A brick floor surrounds the main central courtyard, enhancing our connection to the outside. Flake board and a yellow, black, red and white floor help to reinvent the standard sports hall. 

The refreshing originality and materiality of this project provided us with the ideal backdrop to showcase the work of Colin Horgan, a fashion design student in Limerick School of Art and Design. Horgan's collection tells the story of a weak and naive girl eager to break free of her submissive ways. The strong silhouette of the padded, lamb skin shoulders, along with the impossible-to-miss structured red patent LEORE jacket and AGORA skirt, all hint at armour and the girl's desire for vengeance. The softer mesh and sheer fabrics represent the girl's seductive side along with her innate sense of femininity.

Be sure to follow Horgan on twitter and facebook to keep up with all of his goings on! Or even better, get in on the action and preorder his ZINA jacket now! You can keep up to date with the community centre here

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All photography and styling is our own

Ciana wears:

first look
gold hoop earrings - topshop

second look
vintage leather cap
american apparel racer back body
black strap heels - h&m

Becky wears:

first look
russian red lipstick - mac
leather look leggings - topshop

second look
white leather strip as headpiece
black leather strap heels - h&m

Many thanks to Om Diva, Fran Laycock and Colin!

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