Thursday, 4 July 2013

Bull Island


Despite recently obtaining (and since losing) a blue flag ensuring its safety as a swimming spot, Dollymount Strand is thought more so as a place to walk your madra, learn how to drive, kite surf or to simply zip up and go for stroll. The strand runs along the east side of North Bull Island along the coast of Clontarf, Dublin. The construction of the Bull Wall was begun in 1800 and was built along with the Great South Wall (1761) to tackle the constant silting in Dublin Bay. The island is essentially a build up of silt deposits.

A bridge connects the mainland to the island but its original purpose was to assist workers with the construction of the Bull Wall. The current structure dates from 1907, replacing one which was erected in 1819. Vital restoration work was carried out on the bridge in 2008. 

Seventeen structures exist along the Bull Wall and Clontarf Promenade. The Art Deco style bathing shelters were designed by Dublin City Council Architec,t Herbert Simms, in the 1930s. Simms made a significant contribution to the design of housing in Dublin in the early 19th century. The need for shelters such as these arose out of a concern for the welfare of the working classes. Their construction facilitated affordable outdoor recreational facilities. 

Recently we were lucky enough to make the acquaintance of recent NCAD graduate,  Leanne Keogh. Her design aesthetic caught our eye from the get-go. Leanne is interested in the notion of identity and place. Her designs are informed by a love of understated femininity, art, architecture and the urban environment. Having spent a summer interning for Richard Nicoll in London and observing the way in which Londoners dress, she was inspired to design a collection that would become an element of her customers' daily narrative. Her pieces aim to convey a variety of personalities and identities. We were particularly drawn to her oversized outerwear, the design of which were created by exploring vintage menswear patterns. Leanne's eye for fabrics is both original and innovative. Between her waxed denim trench coat, her bonded and rubber mesh fabrics, we just can't get enough! These outerwear pieces are given a further daily wearability factor when paired with her perfectly constructed white tees and her clean cut linen skirts and waistcoats. Why take a walk to Bull Island in a fleece when you can sport a piece that seamlessly blends both fashion and function?

All clothing worn is by Leanne Keogh... apart from the Converse! 
All styling and photography is our own

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Ciana wears

First look

Waxed denim trench coat
Wool and leather beanie
Bomber jacket inner linen waistcoat (worn as waistcoat)
White cotton tee
Navy line skirt

Second Look

Rubber mesh coat
White cotton tee

Becky wears

First Look

Bonded mesh fabric coat
White red stripe cotton tee

Second Look

Rubber mesh bomber with inner liner waistcoat
Wool and leather beanie


  1. Hey girl, I've found you! :D I was in the Arnotts fashion show and asked you about that white mesh fabric coat, it's so amazing!!

    Following you on Bloglovin :) Hope to see you in other event!


  2. Interesting read and great pictures.
    I find this very creative.