Monday, 10 February 2014


St Patrick's Tower is the last remaining feature of the George Roe Distillery which was started by Peter Roe in 1757. In its heyday in the late 1800's, the distillery is thought to have been producing more whiskey than any other distillery in the world. In 1891 it joined forces with the Jameson Distillery and the Dublin Whiskey Distillery which was situated nearby on Marrowbone Lane. A combination of worsened trade conditions as a result of the American Prohibition in 1919, the Irish War of Independence and the Civil War in 1920 and 1921 appear to be the cause of the distillery's closure in 1926. 

The 9 storey brick tower standing at 150ft tall, was once a smock windmill that has sadly lost its sails, and is (un)affectionately known by locals as 'the willy'. We have to laugh. More windmills of its kind are dotted across Massachusetts and the UK and are so called as their form resembles that of a type of smock once worn by farmers. 

This post is the second instalment of our exciting collaboration with Yesterday Becky showed us how she'd style the classic shirt dress from the #ownit campaign which focuses on experimenting with new trends and silhouettes and different ways to wear them. Ciana decided to go with the new generation of shorts on the block - culottes. 

Many thanks to photographer Aoife O'Sullivan of Disassemble Dublin and to Boohoo Clothing for getting us involved in this great project.

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